Weight loss story: “Weight training at home and brisk walking helped me lose 11 kilos”

Name: Gautam Anand

Occupation: Software Engineer


Height: 176 cm

Highest weight recorded: 81 kilos

Weight lost: 11 kilos

Duration it took me to lose weight: 60 days

The turning point: I used to live alone and ordering food became a habit. Fizzy drinks, colas, pizzas and burgers were my ‘main’ meals. I didn’t work out at all. More so, I used to watch a lot of late-night moves and binge eat, apart from the heavy work hours. So, getting a paunch and putting on weight was natural.

When I came home during the lockdown, my real turning point came through. My dad was worried to see what I had done to my body. I got a routine health checkup done and was really shocked to see my cholesterol levels were super high, vitamin D levels low. I used to feel sluggish and dull all the time, even if I had to walk a while.

This is the time when I realized my immunity was at stake.

And finally, I decided to change myself and kickstarted my weight loss journey.

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